a new change

hello everyone!

the shoppingfreeze got a facelift!

please visit me here: http://hellogrey.blogspot.com/ moving forward.



i’m back!

i’ve disappeared for a bit — but i’m going to start blogging again! it’s been a little crazy with work lately and i haven’t had enough time to dedicate to the blog - apologies for having gone missing for a few months. anyway — i am back, and to start things off, i’ve decided to share one of my latest watercolor drawings. let me know what you think! xoxo


what a gem. i am absolutely smitten with this j.crew necklace (i just wish it wasn’t so expensive!). 


sometimes it’s hard to remember this, so i thought i’d remind you. i love this poster so much, i might frame it on my wall. it’s a good reminder :) buy it here.

how pretty.

i love the idea of layering this little gem with my helen ficalora charms. find this here for $57.00!

find me here…

I’ve been blogging over at H.Bloom for a couple months! Check out some of my features over on the H.Bloom blog here. I’ve mostly been writing for Bridal Focus and Local Favorites. xo

i just love…

this gold wishbone from jayson home. perfect for my coffee table.

the birthday wishlist

birthday wishlist


hello hello!

i have been completely MIA lately and its really unacceptable. really. this puppy of ours is growing so fast. he’s going outside now, meeting other new puppies, dogs and people. he’s such a sweet boy and we couldn’t be happier. so i’ve been busy with this little man and also adjusting to my new job! will be back to regular blogging soon. xx m 

happy mother’s day

to my beautiful mom. you are my best friend. i love you so much!